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Dos & Don’ts After Botox Treatment In Radlett

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Dos & Don’ts After Botox Treatment In Radlett

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Do:Use your facial muscles

After anti-wrinkle injections, it can be tempting to try and avoid moving your face. But research shows that it might actually help your results if you try to frown, smile and make other facial movements in the immediate time following treatment. Some people think this is because it helps the botox to settle into the right areas.

Don’t:Touch the treated area

Anti-wrinkle injections, like any injections, can lead to swelling, bruising and even infection. Being mindful of this in the first 24 hours or so can help prevent any of these side effects from taking hold, or worsening if they do. This also goes for make-up.

Do:Keep in an upright position

Try to keep upright to prevent the botox from moving, or causing concerns like bruising. You can still rest if needed, by sitting down. Our experts also suggest avoiding sleeping on your face for the first night too.

Don’t:Drink alcohol

Drinking to excess after botox treatment can thin the blood and lead to some of the side effects we’ve covered, so we’d recommend avoiding drinking in the first 24 hours. After that, feel free to celebrate your fantastic results.

Do:Wear sun protection

Part of our aftercare advice will include wearing sun protection while outside. This helps care for your skin, prevents lines and wrinkles from developing, and can possibly make your skin less susceptible to bruising.

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Don’t:Have heat treatments

Another thing to avoid immediately after anti-wrinkle injections? The spa, the sauna and the tanning bed. Heat treatments could make swelling worse and affect your fantastic result.

Do:Speak to us about any concerns

As experts in the facial aesthetics arena, we can help with a wide range of concerns. If you’re worried at any time during or after treatment, get in touch with our team and we’ll do our best to help.

Don’t:Undergo beauty treatments

Again, infection is a risk factor here, you could affect your results and you might cause unwelcome side effects. It’s best to avoid any facial beauty treatments for the first few days after your Botox treatment.

Do:Be patient!

Botox results can take a week or two to fully develop, so don’t lose heart. Unlike dermal fillers – which can sometimes have an immediate effect – anti-wrinkle injections do take time. Once you notice results, though, you can expect them to last 3-4 months on average.

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Do:Book with us

If you’re in or around the Radlett area, get in touch with our experts and book an anti-wrinkle consultation today.

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