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How Long Do HydraFacial Results Last?

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How Long Do HydraFacial Results Last?

Based in Radlett, we’re on a mission to help our clients achieve healthier, happier skin. It’s why we offer such an impressive range of treatments, including HydraFacial – and only work with the top experts in the Radlett area.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on our HydraFacial treatment. It’s one we like to recommend for its impressive results and nourishing properties – so read on to find out all about it.

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What is a HydraFacial?

It’s a way to cleanse, nourish and comprehensively treat your skin across three stages of treatment. These are:

  • Cleanse & Peel: exfoliate away dead skin cells for a brightening effect.
  • Extract & Hydrate: de-clog pores and boost skin with rich moisturisers
  • Infuse & Protect: complete your treatment with skin-boosting, nourishing serums.

Why have a HydraFacial?

Our clients love the results they achieve through a HydraFacial treatment here in Radlett. Expect a soothing experience much like a facial, but with the impressive results of a medical facial.

What are the benefits of a HydraFacial?

Through the three stages of a HydraFacial treatment, you’ll help to renew your skin to slough off dead skin cells and reveal newer, younger skin beneath. You’ll also target dirt and impurities, as well as spots and blocked pores. Finally, you’ll nourish and enrich the skin through powerful and effective serums selected for you. All that – and a glowing boost to your circulation, to boot.

woman with hydrafacial treatment at Radlett the skin care clinic

What else do I need to know about treatment?

Your final stage of treatment involves LED light therapy, which is known for ‘heightening’ cell function and rejuvenating the skin. We also use SPF protection to guard against damaging UV as your skin renews and your results develop.

Is HydraFacial treatment safe?

Absolutely. We’ll always conduct a personal consultation ahead of treatment, anyway – so can be sure a HydraFacial is appropriate for your skin before you undergo any of the stages. Our clients say that the experience is relaxing and refreshing, rather than painful. And there’s minimal-to-no downtime, too.

How long does HydraFacial treatment take?

Treatment can be carried out in as little as 30 minutes, depending on your skin concerns. Results are long-lasting, but you will need to repeat the treatment at a later date to prolong them effectively.

Book with our Radlett aesthetic clinic (The Skin Care Clinic)

How do I book a HydraFacial?

All you need to do is speak to our experts in Radlett, and we’ll arrange a personal consultation with you at our skin clinic. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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