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A holistic view of your skin

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Every treatment journey at the Skin Care Clinic begins with a consultation. We take the time to get to know you, understanding your skin concerns and aesthetic goals, and where appropriate we use the Observ 520x to fully analyse your skin. Many conditions originate in the deep layers of skin and are difficult to diagnose without technological aid. The Observ 520x uses patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology to reveal those conditions, even in the early stages of their development.

Based on what we learn through consultation and the Observ 520x’s findings, we will draw up a unique, tailor-made skincare plan to help achieve your aesthetic goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Skin Consultation

  • How long does a skin consultation take?

    All in all, around 45 minutes.

  • What are the benefits of a skin consultation?

    Consultation, including OBSERV 520x analysis, enables us to fully grasp your concerns and goals while understanding your skin tone and type. In turn, this allows us to put together the most effective personal treatment plan and recommend the right home-care routines for you. We can also take reference photos to compare the post-treatment outcome to.

  • Will I be able to see the diagnosed conditions?

    The Observ 520x uses skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology to reveal what is hidden within the skin. Its findings are displayed digitally so that, in essence, you can see what it sees.

  • What does the Observ 520x measure?

    Our in-depth Observ 520x skin analysis will examine:

    • Wrinkles and fine lines, including the ones you can’t yet see
    • The sebum (oil) content of your skin, which is a cause of acne
    • Pigmentation, including sun spots and age spots
    • The size of your pores
    • The moisture content of your skin
    • The firmness of your skin
    • Your skin tone and overall health

Your journey

Your consultation

At The Skin Care Clinic, consultation is the important first step in the treatment journey. We listen carefully and ask questions to understand your concerns and desired outcome. Based on what we learn from you, and drawing on our expertise and knowledge, we’ll create your tailored treatment plan.

Your treatment

Whether you’re looking to get rid of, or remove unwanted blemishes, rejuvenate your skin, or enjoy the benefits of one of our skin peels, our expert clinicians will bring their knowledge, experience, and skills to bear to help treat your concerns and achieve your aesthetic goals.


Most treatments require some form of aftercare, ranging from a topical ointment to longer periods of recovery after more intensive procedures. We’ll provide you with clear guidelines for the aftercare of your treated skin, enabling you to safeguard and maintain your results.

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